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Moojic creates the right sonic experience for your customers using our proprietary world class technology platform. Enable a centrally controlled radio experience in-store.


Our team customizes the music as per your brand’s identity and ensures that the in-store experience resonates with your brand and creates a pleasurable and desirable experience in-store for your customers.


Be it rights managed music or PRS/PPL licence free (ROYALTY FREE) options, we have you covered. Save over 50% of your licence costs by using our ROYALTY FREE library which currently has over a million tracks that are directly licensed by us from great artists around the world.

About Us

A young & vibrant team that brings together an amazing blend of technology with a deep understanding of music to deliver outstanding in-store experiences for your customers. Moojic has been managing the in-store radio experience for customers in retail, hospitality, entertainment and fitness for more than half a decade now. At Moojic, we are extremely passionate about using music and technology to create outstanding customer experiences. Moojic came to life with an intent to recreate the age-old jukebox and has now grown to be the most innovative and sought out instore radio company across the globe.

In-store radio

We start by profiling your brand and creating a sonic experience unique to your brand and then take care of the curation of your radio content and handling your licensing requirements. We at Moojic are best poised to deliver a seamless experience across your stores using music and technology.


Just like you, your brand needs a signature too. We help you with scripting, finding the right voice for your brand and producing voice-overs and jingles that best define your brand.

Centralized audio control

Manage your network of stores centrally using our dashboard that allows you to control the content, voice-overs, jingles and timings of your radio channel. Manage schedules and voice-overs with ease that dynamically change in real time across your radio network without any downtime or interruptions.


Monitor and control all your stores across the world in real time from one single dashboard. Keep a track on the music playing at the store, engagement activities and relevant analytics at your fingertips.

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Playlist Scheduling

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A library of over 1M royalty free songs with artists spanning from hip-hop to jazz, we ensure we find the right genres for your brand.

Royalty Free In-store Music.

Save money

Licensing commercial music can be expensive if you are on a budget and own a large store. We work on monthly and yearly commercials that help you save over 50% on licensing costs regardless of the size of your stores.


Every song in our catalogue is procured by Moojic directly from the artist and we take care of the royalty payments on your behalf that ensures that you have no legal and copyright issues. You will also be provided a license for each of your stores from Moojic directly.

Fresh music

As these songs are by non-commercial artists, every single song is unique, new and sounds fresh to your customers and will perfectly reflect your brand identity.

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Our music consultants from across the globe conduct an extensive brand study for your brand by physically visiting your stores and studying your products and target audience in depth to design a sonic identity that perfectly suits your brand.


Our editors curate and design playlists to suit your brand based on footfall, brand identity, customer behavior, and other such pertinent metrics. Moods are also created as per the time of the day and takes regional sensitivities into consideration to reflect the perfect mood for your stores.


Our music editors meticulously study each song to filter out content with obscene words that goes against your brand identity. The songs are also normalized to ensure your customers have a superior audio experience in-store.


Once you sign up, Moojic takes care of all the licensing requirements at no additional costs.


A dedicated device can sometimes be difficult to maintain and is always expensive. Save on hardware costs by using our light weight software that can be installed on your store PC or POS.


You don’t need an active internet connection to play music as we don’t stream music. Our technology ensures that your stores have uninterrupted music regardless of the internet connection or speed.


Know exactly what your customers are listening to and control your store ambience centrally from your head office. Manage your in-store announcements, ads and jingles from the dashboard and view online/offline status of your stores.

24x7 support

A strong support team assigned for different geographies ensures a turnaround and response within minutes. A world class ticketing system is in place to ensure quicker resolution times and a tracking system to ensure closure.


Seasoned and competent tech professionals work behind the scenes to deliver a seamless experience to you. A world class product that is mentored by senior leaders from Fortune 500 retail and technology companies.


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